India Hicks’ Precious Little Sea Urchin

Sea Urchins are unique creatures. They are marine animals that are spherical in shape and covered with long movable spines. Sea Urchins live on the bottom of the ocean, usually near rocky shores. They may be may be brown, black, purple, green, white, or red. Sea urchins look a bit scary, and they have something else that might surprise you —  they have teeth! The mouth of most sea urchins is made up of five calcium carbonate teeth or jaws, with a fleshy, tongue-like structure within.


As unpleasant as it is to step on a sea urchin, these creature of the sea are edible,  and tasty.  One of my favorite foods is the sea urchin, eaten straight out of the shell.  The strong brine-y flavor isn’t to everyone’s taste, and it is rather rate to find them offered in restaurants in the United States. However,  processed sea urchin, called “uni” in Japanese restaurants, is everywhere. It has a very buttery taste and it’s delicious.

The thing that makes sea urchins so amazing,  is that once a sea urchin dies and dries out and the spines are no longer attached, they take on their beautiful round or mounded shape with unique textures and colors.   Perhaps that’s the reason that designer India Hicks created her latest pendant in the shape of a sea urchin.  The pendant is petite, about the size of a fingernail, but it gleams on it’s sterling silver chain like a little jewel.
The sea urchin is thought to bring good luck–and bring happy thoughts of warm island breezes. That makes it the perfect pick-me-up to get through the cold and dark winter months ahead!

an updated version of the  Q4 bar that David Hicks designed for the QE2, with the red topped tables still in evidence

Back in May 2012, The Advice Sisters introduced our readers to the lovely India Hicks and her “Love Letters” jewelry.  India has ties to the royal family and was one of Lady Diana Spencer’s bridesmaids when she and Prince Charles wed, in 1981 (lucky India is in the all photos, wearing a floral wreath and waving to the crowd as a young girl and bridal attendant to Diana).   But India is a grown woman with a family of her own now. The designer is also the creator of an all-natural body-and-home-fragrance line with Crabtree & Evelyn, among other things.
India says that her new sea urchin pendant is inspired by her father’s work (an influence on generations of designers), and the beauty of the sea, and the Bahamas, where India lives with her family.  For those who weren’t even alive in the swinging 1960s and 1970s , all you need to know is that India’s dad,  David Hicks, created bold and avant-garde interiors for the glitterati. He even, apparently, designed the interior of a bar on the luxurious QE2.
Valentine’s Day is nearly here.   Forget hearts and flowers, and give her something rare and beautiful, like India Hicks’ precious little sea urchin. This pendant is a perfect way to remind yourself, or show someone else, how unique and special you/they are.  ”Special” comes with a bit of a price-tag however.  The tiny silver Sea Urchin pendant is part of India Hicks’ “Island Life” collection and retails for $295. The pendant would be lovely with the Silver Sea Urchin earrings with hooks for $225 and a knockout Sea Urchin Bangle for $2,750.00.  If you already are lucky enough to have an India Hicks Love Letters pendant, you can wear your little sea urchin with it, as India does.  I’m wearing mine as-is, because it attracts attention even though it is small. Sometimes, you don’t need to make a big, bold statement, to “represent.”
You can find this collection along with other India Hicks items (and enjoy a bit of India’s blog featuring her approach to life and caring for those she loves) on her web site: and at select, fine department stores.


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