Hot Pants for Hot Bodies? Zaggora Activewear Makes You HOT, Literally @Dessinka @Zaggora

Zaggora hot pants are $79.71 at They are designed to diminish the appearance of cellulite by draining excess water and swollen fat cells. They are aAvailable in pink, orange, blue, green, and yellow

Zaggora sounds like a board game that you play with colorful dice,  and if you’re a gamer, you probably know that in Malibu Kombat, a  Zaggot is a green-bearded wizard with a love for all things chaotic.  But  in this Advice Sisters article. I’m talking about a unique, new,  active-wear line called Zaggora, that purports to help you get a hot body, by literally making your body, hotter.

This unique exercise wear is embedded with Zaggora’s exclusive “celu-lite technology,” a multi-layer fabric that harnesses the body’s natural heat during exercise, to help increase the metabolic rate.  Exercise that increases your core body temperature should lead to an increased metabolic rate, that also means you should potentially be burning more calories.

It sounds positive. But when it comes to actual results, I’m a lot more cautious. No one’s body works exactly the same way, and what is considered moderate exercise for some, might be too much or too little for someone else.

Zaggora commissioned independent research on the effects of  its unique, Celu-Lite technology which was conducted at the Chelsea School of Sport, University of Brighton in the UK. The research compared the Zaggora HotPants  to a standard activewear, when worn during 30 minutes of exercise. The study also examined the effects over longer periods of two and four weeks. The Zaggora HotPants were shown to increase body temperature during exercise and supposedly increased energy expenditure by 11.3%. In addition, after 60 minutes of exercise the Zaggora HotPants increased energy expenditure by 12.5% in the 30 – 60 minutes after exercise (when HotPants are worn during resting recovery).

While I can’t imagine wanting to hang out for an hour in sweaty gym clothes,  if you lose water weight and expend more energy, it seems likely that you could lose pounds or inches or both, in the bargain.  Wearers are cautioned to stay well hydrated however. I’m wondering if raising one’s body temperature above the norm might have some potential dangers for those with high blood pressure or other medical conditions, but there weren’t any cautionary notices about this on the Zaggora webs site.  All that extra perspiration also can cause bacteria, and yeast infections,. Keeping the clothing clean is a must, and if you are prone to yeast infections, wear cotton underwear and don’t lounge in them for too long (but the independent study was also based on wearing the items for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise and then keeping the garments on for 60 minutes, so not resting in them after sweating, might leave you with a bit less in terms of expected results).

I tried three basic products in the line, the hot pants, body blazer and hot top.  All of these pieces are designed with the Celu-Lite technology to increase core body temperature and calorie burn.  They’re styled with slimming seams, and are nicely crafted.  However, wearing Zaggora active wear takes some getting used to. The fast-wicking, odor absorbing  neoprene fabric is slightly padded, and feels more like you’re donning a  wet suit than normal thin, stretchy,  activewear. The garments stretch a bit, but fit is key. Check the sizing charts  to get a good fit. You aren’t supposed to alter them, so if you pick the wrong size you ar advised to return them for another size.  However, the items I tried fit true to size so if you’re not sure, go with what you’d normally choose for activewear.

One benefit of the fit was that it holds your jiggles in.  I put on the top, pants and jacket in the morning just as my husband was leaving for work.  Normally, he just walks out the door without comment, but in this outfit he said: “you look hot!”  Flattered as I was, I hoped he didn’t mean I looked overheated, instead of sexy!  But when I looked in the mirror, I realized Zaggora slimmed everything –a  nice plus.  And, once  I got past the snug feel,  I think I was motivated to work out a little more strenuously,  because I really wanted Zaggora to work its magic on me.  If you’re always cold, you will find that wearing the trio of jacket, pants and top will keep you warmer than usual.

Other benefits claimed are that the Zaggora fabric offers some UV protection (although I couldn’t figure out how that is rated), and the claim that it is eco-friendly (although I am not sure how that is quantified, either).

This is specialized sportswear,  and if you’re going to get the most out of it, you have to use it regularly.  That means either investing in at least two sets (and that gets pricey) or washing them out hoping they’ll dry by the next day. The web site cautions you to hand wash (not use a washing machine) and leave your garments to drip dry.  You aren’t supposed to dry them in a dryer. Line dry them or put them on a mild-temperature radiator.

The Full Body Blazer is my favorite piece, and I’d wear it outside as a light jacket,  ”just because.” It’s  longer than most sports jackets which is nice not just for warmth, but so it doesn’t ride up during activity. It is constructed to target the arms, tummy, chest and back areas, helping women to work these zones harder.  Under-arm gussets, neck and cuff sections crafted from sportsmesh and a unique recycled jersey fabric infused with caffeine to allow easy movement at the joints and offer a fast-wicking, odour-absorbing cooling sensation to keep you fresh during your workout. I liked the rugged zipper and the contoured stitching to compliment, skim and smooth the figure. Other nice touches are a built-in,  transparent, waterproof iPhone arm pocket that lets you use your smart phone without having to take it out (my husband quipped that it looked like the place you store your knife when you’re diving, but the point is you can put something you need literally at arms’ length.  There are also concealed, zippered pockets at the hips to hold valuables, plus inner key loops, and thumb holes to keep sleeves where they’re supposed to sit (and hands warm in the winter!). There is also a Hooded Body Blazer style jacket with a waterproof hood, and with cooling jersey fabric taking the place of neoprene.

The Hot Top really feels like you’re donning body armor, as the main body front of the vest is crafted from neoprene fabric lined with Celu-Lite technology, targeting the stomach, chest and back, but relief comes from the contrasting side panels and straps made of sportsmesh and Zaggora’s cooling jersey to release heat and allow air to circulate, while the cooling jersey refreshes you during your workout. The racerback design is a good one for strenuous workouts and the top is long enough that it won’t ride up when you’re lifting something over your head.  Unless you have a huge chest, you won’t need a bra. However, if you do, you can get the Zaggora Coola Bra made of Zaggora’s  jersey fabric to layer with the Hot Top, in 9 colors from neutrals to brights.

When you are ready to buy, the e-commerce page is very user friendly, and the prices are above what you’d pay normally for an exercise tank or pants, but if they motivate you, perhaps they are truly priceless.

The Bottom Line:  Despite the “case studies” of supposedly real women on the Zaggora Web Site who lost amazing pounds and inches, they’re not likely the norm.  As a reviewer, I can’t think of a single thing I’ve personally ever tried, invasive or otherwise, that  makes you permanently slimmer without the diet and exercise component.   Founder Dessi Bell is a 20-something, social media-savvy woman who encourages testimonials, but most of the reviews on the Zaggora web site are tweets by people who have just purchased the products and just wanted to share”  this news with all of their friends and followers. I wish there were more substantive comments about whether or not they were satisfied with the products, or if they were working well.      You can join the discussions on Facebook   and I’d love it if you post your comments and reviews here, if you’ve tried Zaggora.

 Zaggora will bring you immediate benefits in style,, up your “cool” factor, and perhaps with a bit of a leap of faith, slim you as well. It might work well if you’re hoping to prep for bikini wearing on the beach, or to fit into a body conscious dress for a special event. It is a way to remove bloat without resorting to a faddy cleanse, diuretics, or worse, starvation.  Investing in attractive, new, high tech active-wear may help you lose weight in an unanticipated way as well:  it might just motivate you to move more, and not to eat that candy bar or pastry. And while it might be counter-intuitive to sweat and then be cautioned to hydrate well, doing so, along with a sensible plan of diet and exercise could make a difference in how you look (with reasonable expectations).


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